Summer Fund Raiser

BiG Local Fest

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Become a vendor at Summer Big Local Fest & reach a large crowd of both adults & kids who will be coming together on August, 17th 2024 from 11- 5 to support the local Bowling Green Community. Booths & vendor spots start at $75 dollars. Food Trucks are $100. Become a vendor today before we run out of spots! Sign up below and we'll be in touch.

All Proceeds Go to the

At BiG Local Club our mission is to empower, and uplift our vibrant local business partners by providing essential resources like grants, microloans, digital & print advertising opportunities, business consulting, as well as organize events that bring together our family of small businesses & our surrounding community, and create positive change while forging stronger network connections and at the same time drive economic growth for our local community

Become A Partner

Donate or Volunteer

Don't have a need to become a partner, but want to help bring the Bowling Green, and surrounding area community together to support locally made products, local services, helping to keep local resources local, and strengthening our community. Please donate your time, money or both. Your money will go to helping fund microloans, grants, and to make available critical resources for local entrepreneurs who are our friends, family, and neighbors. It will also go to putting on events like the BiG Local Fest with the sole purpose of raising funds to reach the Big Local Club's Mission. The BiG Local Fest Event has an immediate need for volunteers to help out with the event. As a volunteer you'll help out with one of the coolest events of the year, and get an opportunity to do good while having a great time listening to music, and taking part in the festivities. We hope you'll sign up to volunteer or donate to the cause. If you choose to do both you will not regret it.We thank you ahead of time for choosing to help us help our community!

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A card that rewards daily, weekly, and annually for shopping at local businesses. Start visiting our local business partners and show them your card on your phone, and take advantage of the available club promotion, and or discount

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